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Massage by Natalie & Co.

Massage by Natalie & Co.Massage by Natalie & Co.Massage by Natalie & Co.

 Therapeutic Massage in Palm Coast!

Our Massages

We offer pain relief results with deep tissue massage therapy in Palm Coast and Flagler Beach. Flagler County, FL.

Therapeutic Massage 60/$75

Therapeutic Massage is a greater pressure applied to alleviate, relax & release tightness, relieve chronic & acute pain.   Our therapists will adjust the pressure to your comfort level.


Massage Therapy is a gift they will remember forever.  Gift cards online in Palm Coast and Flagler Beach.

Medical Massage 60/$75


 Medical Massage Therapy focuses on specific ailments and conditions diagnosed by a physician.  Your therapist will create a treatment plan with a specific goal in mind with or without a prescription.   


Aromatherapy Massage 60/$85

 Aromatherapy Massage is a holistic treatment using a variety of 100% pure therapeutic essential oils.  Specific oils are applied to help alleviate headaches, clear congestion, relieve muscle & Joint pain as well as ease stress & anxiety.

CBD Massage creams and oils  provideing natural anti-inflammatory effects that can more effectively

CBD Infused Massage 60/$90

CBD massage creams and oils offer a natural anti-inflammatory effect that can more effectively soothe sore muscles and joints. 

 CBD is Non-Psychoactive derived from hemp. 

We strive to provide a clean, sanitized environment with excellent service to our clients every time!

Massage by Natalie & Co

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